Dining out: High Note Thai Cuisine
By Stacey Kratz
Deseret Morning News

SANDY — As I've written before in this space, Thai food is one of my favorite cuisines. I love the fresh
flavors that also manage to be rich and satisfying. I love the bright colors. I love the spices. I love the fact
that there's something nearly everyone can enjoy.
But there's even more to love than that at High Note Thai Cuisine, a great little place in Sandy. It's got
everything I like about Thai food, plus artful presentations and several dishes that surprise.
Besides a skillfully prepared traditional menu, High Note offers several "fusion" dishes, with ingredients or
cooking techniques culled from around the world — or, in one case, just down the strip mall.
We started our dinner at High Note with the chicken satay, a favorite with my kids, and the "gold bags."
The satay, featuring four good-sized planks of chicken cooked golden-brown on skewers was well
marinated, chewy on the outside and juicy inside. The gold bags used traditional Asian-roll ingredients —
ground pork, veggies, Thai spices — but presented them in six little "purses" tied with a bright strand of
blanched green onion. Just enough for a big bite, they were great on their own or dipped in citrusy, mildly
spicy sweet-and-sour sauce.
One word about spiciness at High Note: the menu mentions that the food is only mildly spicy "so everyone
can enjoy the flavor," but the chefs will kick things up a notch or two for any diner who so desires. I like
this approach because it means that my spice-averse husband and kids could enjoy a fuller range of the
I had a bowl of my favorite Thai soup, tom khaa kai, with a creamy broth redolent of lemongrass and just
a hint of spiciness, plus whole little mushrooms, tons of lean chicken and greens.
For dinner, we shared several entrees, starting with the mild and delicious cashew chicken, a
straightforward and well-seasoned presentation of brown-sauced lean chicken, broccoli, zucchini, carrots,
bok choi and crunchy cashews. It's served over aromatic jasmine rice.
I wanted to get my "usual," the massaman curry, but opted for the more esoteric High Note beef stew, and
I wasn't at all sorry. The stew features highly flavorful broth that reminded me a bit of sukiyaki, having the
same meaty sweetness. It's full of meat and veggies that have been cooked slowly, and the cooking time
shows in the tender, full-flavored results. It was fine on its own, but I also liked it over rice.
Another "fusion" approach showed in our fried rice, the house special, which features rounds of spicy
sausage from High Note's strip-mall neighbor, Colosimo's. It's lovely to look at, with juicy-brown rice, tons
of fresh veggies and sprouts sprinkled on top, and it's wonderful eating. But it's also distinctly fiery, with
all of that browned, meaty sausage in it. If you don't like the idea of spicy fried rice, there are four other
varieties to try, including ham, chicken, shrimp and (another unusual touch) steak.
For dessert, we tried the homemade coconut ice cream over sticky rice with sliced almonds on top. It's
wonderful, with fresh, milky coconut flavor and just enough sweetness. We also had a fresh half-mango
over sticky rice, a Thai classic. I like the fact that High Note is careful about this dish — if they don't have
mangos good enough, they won't serve it, and the menu says so. It's that kind of care with the ingredients
that makes this place shine.
"After eating at almost every Thai place in town, I've found my favorite.The curry is fantastic. "
- matt happe (comment from "thaicuisine.com")

"This is a relatively new Thai restaurant in the Salt Lake Valley. They offer excellent, fresh food
and the most amazing Thai ice cream that I have ever tasted. Definitely worth a visit!"
- Mike Kunz (comment from "thaicuisine.com")

This is the best Thai food in the Valley,...‎
By onetimewizard - Dec 29, 2008
"at a reasonable price. My wife and I Love it. Awesome litle place, seating for about 40-60
people, great serivce, great price and the food is second to none. I've been to a number of
Thai places in the valley and by far this is my favorite. If you're in the mood for a nice dinner at

By fun - Sep 18, 2008
"This place has pretty good thai food. I enjoyed their noodles dish. they cook with olive oil
so that's a plus too.‎"

Best Thai food we have found‎
By grinner - Jul 21, 2008
"This food is amazing. Fresh and delicious. We have started getting their food almost weekly.
They will also tweak food a bit upon request ( more spicy or not spicy for the kids) . Add tofu or
a side of noodles for the kids. Just ask. ..."‎

Cool Mouth With Dessert!‎
By Member, Salt Lake City - Jun 24, 2008
"We had chicken curry, which we love everywhere we've had it, but here it was WAY too hot!
We didn't want to eat it, but the flavor was so good, we couldn't stop. Fortunately, there was
mango rice dessert
that was cold & absolutely AMAZING! ..."‎

Loved It!‎
By shawnee - Jun 14, 2008
"Definetely better than it looks from the outside. The panang curry was awesome along with
green curry.
I would recommend the fried rice as well. Will go there again for sure"‎

Pattie S. Christensen, Esq - March 1, 2010
Local Business Owner
"HighNote Thai Cuisine is my favorite restaurant.  I eat there at least weekly.
The staff even recognize me by site and know my "usual".  I have all of my
client lunch meetings there.  I cannot say enough about how much I enjoy this restaurant."

Cole - HighNote customer - June 8, 2010
Great Thai food!
" I have tried a few Thai restaurants in the valley and now after eating at High
Note Thai, there is no need to try another. The green curry is amazing and the staff is
very friendly. I definitely recommend High Note Thai!"
"HighNote for great Thai food"
HighNote Thai Cuisine
8005 South 700 East  Sandy, Utah 84070   Tel 801-256-0209                                                   ehighnote.com